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Stand Together to Overcome Difficulties



  At present, the COVID-19 situation in China is gradually under control. Most of our colleagues from Hubei province who have been isolated for a long time have come back to us, and all industries are actively and orderly resuming work. But the epidemic is still spreading rapidly around the world, with many countries declaring states of emergency and escalating prevention and control measures. In today's world where the global economy is related, it is difficult for any country to stand alone. Global demand slowed down or even froze, foreign trade orders slowed down and cancelled, people were restricted to enter and exit, and cross-border logistics was strictly controlled. A series of chain reactions, together with the sharp fluctuations of the crude oil market and the violent shocks of the financial market, made DNS under great pressure. How should we carry out effective self-help when faced with those difficulties?

  First of all, build up confidence and work together to overcome difficulties, confidence is more important than gold in difficult times.

  Confidence doesn't come from chest-thumping. It comes from years of down-to-earth accumulation.

  And DNS have a large number of long-term mutual trust, maintain good relations with partners, which gives us basic confidence. We know mutual benefit in prosperity and mutual assistance in adversity. For overseas customers severely affected by the epidemic, the company has raised a batch of protective materials and provided them free of charge to help them overcome difficulties. We have also actively discussed solutions to the difficulties faced by our partners during the epidemic and undertaken our responsibilities within our capacity.

  DNS have always followed safe operation and financial policy, and enable strong cash liquid at critical moments, which has allowed us to maintain a certain amount of money to go through the difficulty when facing great pressure. At the same time, we still actively coordinate more financial resources to ensure operation of the company during the epidemic.

  Second, promptly deploy and actively promote effective response strategies during the pandemic.

  The global outbreak will be largely contained by June according to the most optimistic estimate, but its economic impact will be more lasting. Although the business environment is bad, but we can take advantage of the relatively small business volume of this period of time to improve ourselves. For example: comb the process, especially those affecting the efficiency of the process to dredge and optimization; We will arrange courses and communication sharing activities to train employees and improve their abilities. At the same time, we will arrange job rotation for qualified personnel to expand their horizons and enhance their management experience.

  We will continue to increase investment in core products, temporary difficulties will not get in the way of the direction of progress. DNS will continue to invest more in competitive products, but we need to carefully evaluate the output and priority of each project and make a reasonable arrangement. We pay special attention to the impact of the epidemic on the market and the new opportunities brought it, and actively prepare so that we can quickly meet the demands when the market recovers.

  Strictly control administrative costs, reduce unnecessary expenses, keep cash liquid, wait for the opportunity. At the same time, we will do everything we can to protect most valuable asset--our staff, and we hope that every staff stand with us together.

  At the moment, everything comes back to life and spring has come.

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