Career Development

  • Talent Strategy

    Talent Strategy

    Talent strategy meets company's need for knowledge, competence or awareness, spreads the company's cultural values, enhances the cohesion of the enterprise, promote employees to improve their own abilities faster, ensures the improvement of personal and organizational performance, enhances the company's core competitiveness, and ensures the realization of the company's strategic goals and clearly reflects the personal growth and value of employees.

  • DNS Leadership

    DNS Leadership

    Every employee has the opportunity to be a leader and work with other members to drive the company forward in DNS,

    DNS use the "leadership quality model" to identify high potential candidates and implement one-to-one talent development programs between coaches and potential candidates. In the development of the company, DNS select the superior and eliminate redundant or low performance managers, cultivate cross-functional compound talents and build a variety of career development mechanisms.

  • Talent Development

    Talent Development

    DNS focus on talent cultivation and development, aiming to build a long-term talent development framework and mechanism.The company has designed a professional and management dual-channel career path for employees, providing competitive salary level and on-the-job learning opportunities to fully empower employees.

    Talent training is based on rich and diverse online and offline forms of learning and work practices, combined with complete courses, lecturers and training management systems, combined with theory and work practice, to continuously improve the ability of employees and promote the development of the company.