Are you ready?


Dear friends,

  We finally started working today. Since the establishment of the company, there has never been a Spring Festival as difficult as this year. Due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, we are still waiting for the approval of the relevant government departments. But time waits for no man, we're officially launching telecommuting today.

  The fight against the epidemic is the top priority. As a company, the most important responsibility is to do its best to manage the company, be responsible to its employees and not impose additional burden on the society.

  One of the biggest thoughts about this pandemic is that things are unpredictable, and the best way to deal with that is to take every moment seriously. Therefore, in this spring when all things are recovering, while paying close attention to the changes of the epidemic, we should adjust our state as soon as possible, keep our spirits up and fight.

  Each business group, you are the window of customers and users, represents the determination and confidence of our company, you should calmly analysis what we are faced with the market and the demand of customers, and pass the complete and accurate information to the subsequent department, make effective customer maintenance plan and develop customers at the same time, communicate with the customer and make them customers believe DNS have the ability to complete the delivery of orders and services.

  Each product department and the R&D department, you are the core department, represent technology and product competitiveness. You need to cooperate with upstream and downstream departments, respond quickly, provide customers with accurate and valuable products and technical solutions, and provide supports for the business.

  For all supply chain departments, you are the logistics hub that represents delivery capabilities. You have to overcome factors such as the difficulty of management for large personnel and the difficulty of upstream and downstream cooperation, and do your best to ensure the delivery of goods in accordance with the quality and quantity under limited conditions.

  Other functional departments, you are rear support, representing support capabilities. everything is results-oriented, under the premise of controllable risks, you should do everything for result oriented and try to simplify the process, improve efficiency, and reflect the professional and efficient service level of DNS to better serve the customers.

  At present, we should pay attention to the epidemic, but do not be too afraid or worried. The right thing to do is to take risks, assess them, and take action. We are a group with a shared future. In the face of difficulties, we should be closer to each other.

  Are you ready?

  CEO: Chen Zhixuan February 10, 2020

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