Project Manager (Earphone / Power Supply)

R & D Shenzhen, Guangdong 2021-11-02

Job Responsibilities:

1. Project schedule management, project risk assessment, project cost assessment;

2. Responsible for coordinating resources, solving various major problems encountered in the project management process, and ensuring that the expected goals can be achieved at all stages of the project;

3. Responsible for project requirements communication and compile requirements documents and reports required by customers, and conduct project management of cost, time, risk and quality;

4. Responsible for the whole process project management of earphones or power products, including the whole process from product pre-research, project establishment, development, trial production to mass production, and product EOL.


Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, relevant experience in English, electronics, mechanics, and etc.;

2. With 5 years and above experience in power supply, Bluetooth earphone or mobile project management, able to independently manage important projects;

3. Outgoing and optimistic personality, strong awareness of project risks, strong logical thinking ability and overall planning ability, and strong ability to withstand pressure.

Note: Able to accept business trips in Huizhou and Dongguan City.


Contact Information:0755-83401338


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