PE Engineer

R & D Huizhou, Guangdong 2021-10-20

Job Responsibilities:

1. New product NPI introduction, performance failure analysis, record and follow-up improvement, test process planning, implementation, and optimization;

2. Analysis of defective products in the production line, formulation of improvement countermeasures, and follow-up on effect confirmation;

3. Find product design bugs, seeking solutions, and follow-up implementation;

4. Analyze and counsel the supplier's abnormal problems to improve the supplier's process capability;

5. Make proposals to improve recommendations, reduce test personnel, and propose test coverage and efficiency;

6. Assist R&D to analyze and verify performance problems and improve the yield rate of good products.


Work Requirements:

1. More than 5 years of working experience as a PE engineer in consumer electronics.

2. Familiar with the operation principle of power bank or TWS earphone, and the production process is preferred;

3. Familiar with Auto CAD and Powerpoint software;

4. Familiar with basic electronics knowledge, able to quickly analyze product performance problems, and put forward reasonable temporary countermeasures;

5. Familiar with SPC, PFMEA, CPK and other application tools;

Contact Information:0752-5796190


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