AE (Account Executive)

Sales Shenzhen, Guangdong 2021-11-02

Job Requirements:

1. According to project requirements, formulate a project plan, comprehensively consider the factors of project scope, quality, time and cost, carry out the overall plan and phase plan of the project, control the key points in technology and time, and evaluate the project risk together with the project department and formulate response strategies;

2. Carry out project process control and management, supervise and coordinate project members to complete corresponding tasks according to project decomposition tasks, and quickly solve problems encountered by project team members;

3. Trial production management: organize and supervise trial production, track and inspect the work quality of project team members and issue reports at all stages of the project life cycle;

4. Cost and quality management: control the project to reach the project goal according to the specified quality and schedule within the budgeted cost;

5. Collaborate with customers, sales, products, supply chain and others to effectively promote project progress and complete project delivery.


Job Requirements:

1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of project delivery experience in the consumer electronics industry is preferred;

2. Familiar with the product development process, the definition and monitoring of each control node;

3. Good communication and coordination and information integration ability, able to coordinate various contradictions and conflicts in the promotion work, reduce or avoid the impact of various unfavorable factors on the project, and strive for project support.


Contact Information:0755-83401338


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